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Mario Worker: The contests

Do you want to see your level(s) in a Mario Forever style? Now you can!

My Mario Worker contests will allow you to see your fanmade levels in a complete Mario Forever style, if you win, obviously!

Best worlds/levels will be part of the main adventure you can play in Mario Forever Fanmade. Be the best! 🙂




The first ranked world will be added as part of the main game in Mario Forever Fanmade. The second and third ranked worlds will be added as extras, instead.
Also, since it’s a special contest, the first ranked author will automatically join the MFRGT!



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Notes for participants who thought their levels are included, but still not instead, for various reasons:

  • Note for “Skyland that stoop into Hammer Bro wars” owner. Your levels seem to not load properly, for me at least. Please provide possibly a new link to download again the levels.


1st – Goombario10 -> 98,5 + 7 = 105,5 pts.

2nd – OTFin -> 95 + 4 = 99 pts.

3rd – PlayerGuy -> 98,5 pts.

4th – CenaKhodaparast -> 82,25 + 16 = 98,25 pts.

4th – Sonic Bro -> 87,25 + 11 = 98.25 pts.

5th – sonic2342 -> 97 pts.

6th – Happylenner202 -> 88 pts.

6th – Marisa Kirisame -> 88 pts.

7th – JoséLPK.CF&MF -> 85,75 pts.

8th – rapbattle5472 -> 84 + 1 = 85 pts.

9th – Lemontree0241 -> 80 pts.

9th – Somario Bobby -> 80 pts.

10th – Marionikita5640 -> 78,75 + 1 = 79,75 pts.

11th – Kaveh Tepig -> 75 pts.

12th – UserChara -> 73 pts.

13th – Ümit Ergül -> 70 pts.

14th – Chadook ->62,25 pts.

DISQUALIFIED – Alexander Games


  • UserChara

    Level design is good. Lack of coins and brick blocks. Don’t overload levels with tons of enemies, they cause mess and it makes levels harder to play.

  • Chadook:

    Overall level design is okay. Don’t make areas with plenty and overload of enemies, some levels like level 4 is too hard because of such. Train more on block’s placement, and don’t place them randomly. Same applies to enemies and platforms.

  • Ümit Ergül:

    Levels are completable, overall design is good. Lack of coins and brick blocks in all levels.

  • Somario Bobby:

    Great level design, good balance of difficulty and level lenght. Tank levels are too short. Lack of coins and brick blocks in all tank levels. Mashup of Mario enemies and clones is bad.

  • Sonic Bro:

    Very interesting level design, great use of background objects and enemies, as well as placement. Some parts like the brick block section in level 2 are hard to pass. I suggest putting another power up block right before that part. Also some parts in some levels were full of enemies, making those parts hard to pass, like the Piranha Plants in level 3 and Spinies in level 4. Reduce number of those enemies, and levels are perfect and ready to go.

  • Happylenner202:

    Great level design, and great theme balance. Level 3 is kinda messy with blocks usage, while level 4 is wrong mostly on enemies usage.

  • JoséLPK.CF&MF:

    Great level design, great use of background objects and enemies, as well as placement. Also nice adaptation of Hardcore 2-1 for your level 1. Level 2 has too many kinds of enemies. Maybe one or two lesser would’ve made the difference.

  • Marionikita5640:

    Overall level design is good. Too overloads of background sceneries and too many kinds of the same enemies are used. Try to keep coherence when you build a level, don’t use backgrounds of different kinds of themes in a single level (referencing level 2, where you’ve used underwater blocks BG with rock land and grassland BG sprites.

  • Kaveh Tepig:

    Level design is not bad, though it can be improved.

    Lack of coins level 2. Lack of ground sceneries in level 1. Level 3 is the best of the set, so keep that as a base for your next levels.

    Bowser battle is set on a wrong and poorly made place, it may’ve set on a bridge.

  • CenaKhodaparast:

    Overall level design is good. The double layer gimmick is a bit confusional, but it kinda works in the way you’ve used it.

    Too high difficulty in certain levels, like levels 4, 5, and 6, because of too many enemies and their placement, too dark and overload of enemies, and too dark, respectively.

  • Lemontree0241:

    Level itself is not bad, though there are plenty of stuff that may need a revision, like enemies usage, quantity, and placement. Blocks placement is alright, and level theme is coherent.

  • Goombario10:

    Not too much to say. Splendid level design, great balance of items and enemies. The only thing I would’ve fix is the goal switch near the goal gate. The correct space between each one is 4 32×32 tiles. Apart that, outstanding job.

  • sonic2342:

    Very great level design. Great block/item/enemies placement in every level. On the other hand, I must say that every level you’ve made is too long and timer you’ve set is too low; 20.000 units long per 500 seconds is unbalanced, especially for your kind of levels. I would’ve made them 15.000 units long, it would’ve been worth.

  • Marisa Kirisame:

    Great level design, great balance of blocks and items. Some parts lacked enemies while others had many, so I suggest to work a bit more on enemies balance. A thing I would’ve fix is the goal switch near the goal gate. The correct space between each one is 4 32×32 tiles.

  • OTFin:

    Not too much to say here too. Splendid level design as always.

  • PlayerGuy:

    Real MF-style level design. Blocks, enemies, and item placement is perfect. Difficulty is balanced. Must say, level 1 looks somewhat different than rest of levels. This made the score fall a bit, but nevertheless of that, overall levels are enjoyable.

  • rapbattle5472:

    Levels are designed really well, but lack of power-up blocks through the levels made these kinda hard to complete. When building autoscroll levels, be sure to put more power-ups.