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Mario Worker Remake

Mario Worker Remake is a complete revamp of the old Mario Worker 1.0 level editor made by Buziol Games in 2004.

Mario Worker Remake contains a bunch of new stuff, like objects, enemies, backgrounds, musics and even new preferences like autoscroll and editable background gradient color.

The editor often comes with a new version of Mario Forever Remake, to keep consistency with classic Mario Forever bundle.

Scroll down the page for the download link.


Completely new interface for level editor, more level preferences to edit as you wish, lots more elements to add, customizable tilesets, sceneries, backgrounds, music, and more.

Map editor, which allows you to build up your own MF-styled map in easy way.

Scenario editor, which allows you to make scenarios with 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, any amount of levels you want.

Tutorials for beginners, settings, and a database where you can share your own levels, maps, and scenarios.

BLOCKS: grass, underground, sunset, dark, snow (both nightland and overworld), starland, underwater and trees, different colored blocks, underwater blocks and corals, clouds, bullet bill cannon structures.

BACKGROUNDS: overworld, underground, starland, snowland, sunset, desert, darkland, castle and single tiles.

BONUSES: all original MF powerups + hammer suit powerup, 6 coin ring, out-of-box powerups.

ENEMIES: all original MF enemies + four variants of Koopas, stone Spiny Koopa, Fire Bros., Silver Hammer Bros., Beetroot Bros., variation of Piranha Plants, Humans, Thwomp, Flamethrowers, Spikeball Launchers, Flying Poison Mushroom, Bowser.

ITEMS: Springboard (fixed), Centipede platform, Ice blocks

MARKS: new kind of entrances and level ends, Hammer Bros. jumpers, Cheep Cheep jumpers, Roto-Discs marks, more Warp Pipes in different directions.


Spring Course
Fastrun Hillside
Starland Tanks
Mystic Plains
Demo scenario

Spring Course

Fastrun Hillside

Starland Tanks

Mystic Plains

Demo scenario

Tutorial 1 : Level building basics
Tutorial 2 : Level building extras
Tutorial 3 : Creating custom content
Tutorial 4 : Map building basics
Tutorial 5 : Scenario editor + Gameplay
Tutorial 6 : Marks demonstration + Level uploading

Tutorial 1 : Level building basics

Tutorial 2 : Level building extras

Tutorial 3 : Creating custom content

Tutorial 4 : Map building basics

Tutorial 5 : Scenario editor + Gameplay

Tutorial 6 : Marks demonstration + Level uploading


v3.03 update is now available. Differences from v3.00 :

  • Save system glitched most of editor’s features, like elements’ placement (including Roto-Discs / Roto-Coins / Paratroopa Rings placement), snap cursor going by its own, and more bugs. Now this is fixed.
  • Custom music for maps didn’t work because of coding errors. Now it’s fixed and it works exactly like level editor.
  • Only in some cases, section 1 music still played in section 2, even if it had a completely different music. Technically it should be fixed now.

Mario Worker Remake v3.03 – Download


Mario Worker Database is a website where users can share their own Mario Worker levels, maps, and scenarios. If you want to show your skills and others need to play them, this is the right place. Click the link below to access to it:

78 thoughts on “Mario Worker Remake

  1. Oh hello there! Uhh can i ask for the download link for 2.5 of MWR? Because the other link got shut down by mediafire oof so yea everyone is asking for it for the past 6 months too so, yea.

    1. Heya. I’ve updated the page with correct download links. MWRemake 2.5 is bundled with MFRemake 3.7, so I put here same link.
      Which other links got shut down, by the way?

        1. hi MarioVariable, i can t instal mario worker 3.0.3, it says malware and cand acces to it, pl try probably you hate to change the downlload ro resolve that bug, i can t play thi………

  2. I just wanted to ask that when you are going to release the full v. 3.0 of MWR. I downloaded the demo version and we can only make levels not play them.

    1. Yeah, demo is quite limited.
      If everything goes smoothly, release should be around April or May, but it’s not definitive.

      1. Well let’s hope things do go smoothly, everyone is hyped at this point as they wait patiently in corners.

  3. hi i got a problem with mario worker remake v2.5 the music is not working! 🙁 please can you make the external musics for this version of mario worker?

  4. Hi Mario Variable. I had to say this. I follow all the steps of fixing the music in MWR 2.5 and nothing happened. I put the folder “data32” in the folder of my MWR 2.5 and there are no changes. Music is still not working. Also, i downloaded that MWR 2.5 with MFR 3.7 so maybe its by the other version of mario forever. Even when i click download musics in mario forever remake 3.7, it shows me that page has been not found. Please help me if you can.

    1. omg why i said cheers im a polish guy and i dont really know english when i found out what cheers mean i just get surprised xddd

    1. Just wait for him to release it, it looks like it’s in its nearly final stages, well key word there “NEARLY” so yea it’s close by now if everything is going smoothly.

  5. Hi mv. I really want to play Mario Worker 1.0 but i cant find a download link. Even on Softendo page. Also, the sendspace link at your video of tutorial for Mario Worker 1.0 got blocked. So maybe can you put the MW 1.0 link on your page? Or also you can tell it to Softendo (if you can). And this is weird that on Softendo page there is a game Mario Worker – All Versions. Actually i dont see all versions on the download page…

  6. After that new preview, i’m just getting a bit impatient now. But still time will tell when this gets released.

  7. Hey MV, maybe if you can log in to your sendspace account you can find it. Actually, you got a video with Mario Worker 1.0 tutorial and theres your sendspace link but sadly, its blocked.

    1. Music files are in “data” folder.

      For custom music files, you need to make a folder, inside the “levels” folder, and call it exactly like the level you made (e.i. “Example Level” folder for “Example Level.mfel” level file). Once you made it, put the music file into that folder.

  8. MAKE A in MWR 3.0 I can’t find the file that was created when I made the partition myself in MAP What should I do? the files in the game do not look at the files.

    1. When you download the game, do not move anything outside it. If you did, move the game in the folder again.

  9. hello, I’ve been trying to download the game, but my pc says it may contain a trojan virus. Is that real?

    1. Nah, it’s antiviruses system to detect programs which aren’t recognized. This game is 100% virus-free.

    1. It’s called “Mario Worker Remake v3.0”, with a gray-looking icon. Set files in alphabetical order to find it easier

  10. Hello, respected TheMarioVariable! My question is whether Mario Worker 3.0 can handle a large amount of objects? Loading, editing and saving level with objects exceeding 5000 forces you to wait a long time, and the load becomes impossible due to the appearance of a slide show. Whereas in the demo version of Mario Worker 3.0 – editing of the same level occurred without such problems. Is optimization possible to improve the situation?

    P.S. : I apologize for my broken English.

  11. can you please tell me how to open a map in MWRemake 3.0. when i was opening it with a scenario i did’nt got chance to open it only downloads folder came to choose the map when saved it it was on the list of maps not in the downloads folder. so how to add my map in downlds?

  12. DUDE I DESPERATELY NEED HELP. Literally nothing works, neither I can save nor load my level, pipes are kinda bugged (which is the smallest problem), custom music doesn’t work (despite I watched the video tutorial) and custom tiles/background either. Basically I can’t do anything with this new version, I just need professional help lol. I can’t even login on a database site for publishing a level cause it refuses to finish the register, even though I was pretty convinced the first version of MWR was 1.0. Help.
    (it would be good if I could contact you through the call or something tho)

    1. Is the program inside the game folder? If not, move it there.
      Also, first version of Mario Worker is 1.0, not MWRemake’s version.
      Hope I’ve helped

  13. when iam going onto the mario worker database its showing you have exceeded your bandwidth allowance any idea why its shwoing that

    1. The server just gone overflow. It won’t show up again until end of the month for the moment.
      Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll search for something alternative.
      In the meantime, upload your stuff on the forum thread dedicated to MWRemake levels.

  14. Differences from version 2.5:
    + more blocks
    + more enemies
    + more marks
    + more interesting preferences
    + improved map editor
    + level testing from the editor directly (without constant download from folders)
    + elements no longer disappear from the level, with repeated transitions from the menu to the level field (Space key), where elements reach at least 1000 pcs.
    + custom scenarios/blocks
    + the ability to quickly scroll the level during editing (shift key + arrows)
    + the ability to scroll the level to the right without pre-setting the value “level size”
    + unlimited use of passage of tubes
    + the character no longer disappears during the scenario (when the player finishes the level by entering the pipe, and the next level begins with the “invisible player”)
    + more liquids
    + the possibility of unlimited use of changes in the level of liquids as you progress through the level
    + liquid level indicator (as in the original 8-3 world)
    + restriction on the sides during the passage of the “vertical level” (the character does not go “behind the screen” left or right)

    – very long loading of level for play, where elements over 2000 pcs.
    – very long loading or save of level, where elements over 2000 pieces. (For comparison, in the demo version 3.0, saving and loading the level editor with elements over 2000 pieces occurred instantly)
    – very strongest friezes, at which it is impossible to play a level where elements are over 2000 pieces.
    – user music only works in one of the sections of the level (in the other section, music from the first section continues to play, music changes only when you select from the standard set)
    – Red Spiny Koopa gets stuck in blocks / passes through them
    – now impossible “install blocks on top of each other” (for example, that the perpendicular pipes should not be cut off with a line with air at the place of the “joint”, whereas it is inconvenient to do this “snap to …”
    – management settings are reset after each exit from MWR 3.0 (despite the changed data mafosav.ini)
    – the liquid level indicator does not always appear at the right moment

    What is still missing:
    – ice bonus (ice flower)

     P.S.: I respect your work and appreciate everything you do, without knowing how hard it is for you to cope with everything. You did your best nonetheless.

  15. Great job MV!!!
    But there are still some bugs:
    – Lavafall is glitched
    – Scenarios don’t save
    – Hammer bros fall underground through the tiles. I can’t bass brick walls because of that
    – Underground sceneries vanish after saving map
    And btw, why did you remove different background pattern? (like in hardcore 1-3)

  16. Hey MarioVariable! Thanks for the releasing the MWR 3.0 but it has a problem. Can you fix it ASAP? The problem is, music and background. I cannot add some special music (Also for Bowser battle music) and special background. Thanks!

  17. Hi MarioVariable. I cant enter the Mario Worker Database website because it says “Access forbidden”. Please maybe can you fix it? There was also a note to webmaster (i think it was to you or idk) to raise some panel or the website will be available on the first day of the next month.

  18. Oh, i readed ur post about ur MWDatabase website. I was writing this comment about this website before i sawed the post XD

  19. Have you seen my email Mariovariable, from ( ? I mean, have you read slowly to solve more problems, I hope that I explained everything correctly, you are amazing dude <3

  20. Hi MV. Can you do a guide for making levels in MWR? Because i think i suck because everytime when i make a level for a world im deleting it cause i think that it has no sense :/
    Stay cool.

  21. Hello MV. When i create an account on Mario Worker Database it shows me error because im allowed to have only one account but i didnt have created one before. Can you tell me what to do?

    1. Indeed I don’t see your name, nor your IP adress there. Try to clear your Internet cache first, then retry.

  22. MV i dont need your help. I finally made an account. Idk but with other name, it worked. My name is JotesTheCreator and i have 4 worlds uploaded.
    Also, i have a question, Custom music for map didnt work. I made a folder in maps that is named as same as the map and put my music here. Then when i have loaded it to the map in the edtior, the music was only playing in the editor but when i was playing the map with scenario, the music was not playing. Did you know what to do?

  23. Hey TheMarioVariable,I Wanted To Put Custom Music On A Map,Its Works In Levels Like My First Level On Mario Worker Database,But Custom Music For A Map Not Works,Help

  24. In MWR, will you ever add pokeys (MFR), falling up-side-down question blocks (World Y), or anything else from some of the games you’ve made?

  25. I can’t upload any of the custom stuff in it,even though i create a folder in the levels folder by naming exactly as the level. But still it’s not loading.Can you tell me How to do it?

  26. hello there um can i ask you for some download link about MFR V3.7 im asking this because there is problem with the background music. any level i go there is really no background music. can you fix this???

  27. I have a problem that when I run the level, it cuts me unbelievably and it’s in version 3.0, but how do I run version 2.5, so it’s fine before, you didn’t know how to fix it

  28. Hi! I downloaded Mario Worker 3.0, and my computer says that the game is malware and immediately deletes it. I’d really like to play this game. Is there some sort of fix to this?

  29. hello I have a problem mario worker remake 3.03 when you play it your level I bite and tear terribly and I’m not even talking that I can’t swim I can’t do something with it I jumped here already everything please help

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