Mario Forever Remake

Mario Forever Remake, as the name may imply, is just a complete remake of the famous Buziol Games’ Super Mario Bros. fan game “Mario Forever“, although its main elements differ it from the original and it features more custom content. Mario Forever Remake contains a bunch of never-before-seen additional worlds, like my long-living Letter Worlds Series, or Crist’s Minus Worlds. The game is based on the original Mario Forever versions that are between 2.16 and 4.4, with some little features from 5.0 and 5.9.

Don’t worry, no World of Stupidity this time. 😉



Mario Forever Remake born from the idea of the possibility of remaking first Mario Forever levels with Syzxchulun’s World 10 engine; the mission was successful. Therefore, contributors like Syzxchulun, Jeansowaty, Crist1919, and many others, helped me to grow this project more and more with additional content, making Mario Forever great again.


The game, other than featuring every classic world from original Mario Forever (e.g. Human Laboratory, Lost Map, and so on), it also contains a huge fan zone called “The Forever Team zone”, where the player can choose which brand new levels can play, choosing between a good bunch of them, like Syzxchulun’s Worlds 9 to 13, my Letter Worlds Series, Crist’s Minus Worlds, Lost Map 2, Powerup Laboratory, and many others.

Mario Forever Remake is studied to bring continuity to the old fashioned game with some twists that the original couldn’t have because of hardware limitations.


v1.0February 2, 2014
v1.5July 25, 2014
v2.0October 15. 2014
v2.2February 21, 2015
v2.3March 1, 2015
v2.7June 29, 2015
v3.0July 7, 2016
v3.1July 11, 2016
v3.2October 7, 2016
v3.5September 7, 2017
v3.7October 7, 2017
v4.0January 7, 2021



This fangame is a remake of an already existing fangame made originally by Michael “Buziol” Gdaniec. Special credits and thanks go to him for the game.

If you’ve paid for this game, go to ask for a refund!

Super Mario and all relatives belong to Nintendo®.


108 thoughts on “Mario Forever Remake

  1. Will Mario Forever Fanmade Worlds be added to the Mario Forever Remake 4.0, at least World 0?

      1. Hi, I’m Setho Kaiba, I’m Ivorian, I’d like to know how are you doing to create Mario levels with Clickteam Fusion 2.0

      2. hello Mario Variable I would like to tell you that in Mario Forever Remake they should make the tube where it is next to the minus worlds tube replace that classic Super Mario Bros world with world 0 since it is supposed that on its sign it says minus worlds so both world 0 must be next to the tube of the other minus worlds

        1. There’s no Minus world in SMB. It’s a glitch found in the early 2000s. Also, it’s not “Tube” it is “Warp Pipe”.

      3. hey tmv can you reupload mfr v3.1 & v3.2 because the fake dmca takedown is here & i cant add you on discord to get mfr v3.2 link back

    1. Hey, Mario Variable why isn’t the music in the new version gone?
      Do I have to download the music files or what?

      Plz tell me

  2. Mariavariable, the mario worker 3.0 will be similar to all mario forever? about grafics, bugfixing and elements? Advanced configurations to overbackground bottoms? Map building can be more than easy, with the elements and more, well if mario worker going in 57% I think that, the game promises very things in 43%, hmm, we will can create cutscenes (I think), we will can play with 60fps, would be very nice this configurations, to be honest, the demo hadn’t been neither half of a future mario worker, would be very nice if we could create a new boss, are you see the thinks what I want expose to you, I am a really fan of mario forever, would be very nice if the project gets complete before summer holidays, maybe who knows :), I wish you good luck and ideas to create a missing worlds and levels in mario forever remake also

    1. Hi. MWRemake must be similar to MF under those aspects, yeah.
      This 57% is about both level and map editors mostly, and a bunch of the stuff you said is going to be in 3.0.
      Thank you to follow our games, stay up for new updates. 😉

  3. When we downloaded MarioFR3.7 and started playing it Music dowland did not work at the time I clicked on it ” Oops! That page canyt be found. ” What should I do?

    1. Yes and no. We’re still discussing about it.
      It should be the first half of the year. We’ll announce it when it’s the right moment.

      1. It’s ok . But I saw something that intrigued me MFR but whenever I click shift and F3 or F2 my lives come back and my points and score always return to zero and the lives to the four this was supposed to happen?

        1. You don’t need to press SHIFT to make it happen.
          Values reset when you press F2, F3, or F4.

          1. Nope. My engine is closed source.
            I’ll upload some other open source engines soon.

          2. in this new version of Mario remake forever will have new graphics? In the mario worker will you have speed setting for automatic scrolling, dry bones, piranha podoodo or ghosts? There are so many questions, but I, but I want to do this privately, after version 4.0 will have version 5.0?

          3. TMV in a future update of the mario worker will have dry bonnes piranha podobo and auto-scroll speed options e water, lava and poison water? After the Mario Forever remake 4.0 will have another major update and time consuming like this?

          4. TMV in the next version 4.0 will have minus world -8 -9 and -12 worlds A, H, X, E, F, J Syzx world 14 and lost map 3 made by D1cxon?

    1. Ele não percebe o que dizes (He don’t understand what did you said) fala em inglês e não em polaco, o homem é italiano e não polaco

  4. mariovarieble I found a bug in the versions of mario worker 2.5 to 3.0 demo every time I select a background or a background color never appears and the other and with the custom tilesets in 3.0 are not appearing. Soon I will record a video on my channel for you to see how these bugs in versions 2.5 and 3.0 for you to solve

        1. Já reportei esse erro também, o mariovariable já o resolveu, isso está tomado como garantido, ele resolveu tudo e debugou tudo o que havia de bugado, antes de Junho teremos sem duvida o jogo, estou ansioso por saber o que trata o mundo Y e Z, também para criar meus níveis, olha mandei um grande email ao mariovariable e ele respondeu me sobre tudo, as minhas expectativas estão altas

          1. Qual engine, o mario worker? Isso sei, mas um engine exterior não, nunca tive aptidão para tal

          2. voce sabe onde eu encontro o engine do mario worker ? voce me passa o link do download e voce e de Portugal ou do Brasil eu sou do Brasil

    1. Sou de Portugal, para pegares o engine mais recente do mario worker instala o mario forever remake 3.7, é que vêm os dois num pack

  5. Hi themariovariable
    Please, can you remove “Time” in all worlds in mario forever remake.
    This will make games more fun

  6. The title screen will be the best. And I cant wait for Mario Forever Remake v4.0 and Mario Worker Remake 3.0! Keep up the good work!

  7. Worlds must be added to the Mario Forever Remake 4.0
    – Letter Worlds J and X
    – Minus Worlds -8 and -9
    – New worlds of Underground Zone
    – World 0 (by Crist1919
    Also, since it’s a special contest, (VII) the first ranked author will automatically join the MFRGT!
    – World R7 (by Goombario10)

    1. Worlds must be added to the Mario Forever Remake 4.0
      – Letter Worlds H, J, X and Y
      – Minus Worlds -8, -9 and -12
      – New world of Underground Zone
      – World 0 (by Crist1919)
      – Syzx’s World 14 and other worlds

      1. Worlds must be added to the Mario Forever Remake 4.0
        – TheMarioVariable’s Letter Worlds A, E, F, H, J, X, Y and Z
        – Crist1919’s Minus Worlds -8, -9, -12 and -13. Also Worlds 0 and Ø
        – JoseLPK.CF&MF’s Underground World etc.

  8. Hi TMV, I recently started thinking about my first Mario forever project, but I was doubtful about some codes and maps, I can’t make Bowser have the life bar, in the map building part I’ve seen all of your tutorials but I can’t make the map look good, could you explain me better how
    Does the bowser health bar appear and explain more about map constructions?
    Sorry for writing a lot.

    1. Hi TMV lately I’m without interest in MF because I am not able to create my series of worlds Lags from out. Could you give me some advice or something to help me do it?

  9. hi, this is Setho1605.
    I know you are currently working on Mario Forever Remake 4.0, but I just created my own engine and my Mario, it’s called Mario Forever Last Worlds 1.0. So would it be possible to include my own Mario in Mario Forever Remake?

  10. Mario Forever Remake v4.0 100% and Mario Worker Remake v4.0 100%: TheMarioVariable Understand, Mario Forever Remake v4.0 and Mario Worker Remake v4.0 Final Released!. Crist1919: New World -8, -9, -10, -11, -12, -13, and -14 You: New A, B, E, F, H, J, X, Y, and Z, New World 14, New Roman Worlds, New Kids Worlds, New Stupid Cloudly, and New Polish Letter Worlds, New Decasamsara Worlds, New Oldest Reworld 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, and 1-7. :’-)

  11. Mario Forever Remake v4.0 release in the near future!
    New worlds: TheMarioVariable: A, E, F, H, J, X, Y and Z.
    Crist1919: -8, -9, -12, -13 and Ø. Returned: 0.
    JoseLPK.CF&MF: New Underground World.
    New levels: Jeansowaty: Human secret.
    Crist1919: Propeller Mushroom (new Power-up Laboratory level)
    JoseLPK.CF&MF: Undermine
    Can’t Sleep: Lost Map 2.

  12. Mario Forever Remake v4.0 100% and Mario Worker Remake v4.0 10%: Mario Forever Remake v4.0 is finished this time.

  13. As a huge doom fan i am impressed that someone actually had an idea to put dark halls remixed in underzone.DEFINETLY my new favorite world.GOOD JOB GUYS.

  14. How to get to the extra levels (Sun Run, 40 lifes for Bowser etc) zone in Mario Forever Remake 4.02?

  15. I have question to you bro

    Can you someday add player select between Mario and Luigi?

    This would be grat! I saw that someone made game with switching between players so I’m asking you

  16. I can’t play original world in MWR4.02,when I go into the pipe of original world,the game return to main menu :((

  17. Hello. Thank you to your team for their efforts. But where can I find version 4.0 (4.2) if the site has the latest version 3.7?

  18. Hi. I have a question about how to unlock powerup laboratory in this version since letter world series and their extra worlds moved to their own game. What should we do to unlock them? Thanks.

  19. MFR Version 4.02 DirectX 9
    When you die on 8-4 Bowser Battle even if the player has more than 2 lives, the game will be frozen and will not give more chance. Please fix this problem. Thank you.

  20. In letter world T-4, I can still get hit by a hammer in the pipes after I entered. This issue is very annoying and dumb. I spent 40 lives because of this. I think the creator should fix something. This stage is very random and unfair due to that RNG Lakitu thing by the way.

  21. The latest download version, the archived files, are not able to extract. Is anyone facing the same issues. I’ve tried many times.

  22. Hello to the developer.

    I would like to report a bug in World, “Underland”, in “The Underground Zone”. When the large hammer bro boss is defeated, the winning screen transitions and halts up to a certain point. After a bubble-like (distorting) animation is seen moving down the green pipe, a hammer is shot out of the pipe and no animation is seen after it leaves the top of the screen, for several minutes.
    The game doesn’t crash (pressing P pauses the game) but does not allow me to continue back to the default screen unless I press F3 (but results in no green box in the “The Underground Zone!” sign, near “Underland”).
    I don’t know if this was a one-time bug because this is the first time I beat the world and I don’t feel like re-playing it soon as it gets quite difficult in the 3rd level (I think). However when I do, I’ll let you know if it happens again if you don’t reply yet. The version of the game is “MFRemake v4.02 (direct 3d 9)”. The last frame seen in the ending animation can be seen here: https://prnt.sc/1uo76nb

    ~ Best Regards

  23. There is a serious bug in the newest version. In 8-4, during the final battle with Bowser there is a very high chance that the game will soft-lock after you die during it, with the only way out being to reset the game and travel through the entirety of World 8 again. Please fix this

  24. Hello, everyone! I have a question. If anybody can help me with this, I would be so grateful! I just downloaded the Mario Forever Remake v4.02, but I don’t have music on it. Is there any place where I can find a file to download the music for the v4.02 MarioFR?:(

  25. if you beat starman running the lives wont reset so you can just go into anything with like 100 lives

  26. Hi, TheMarioVariable! There is problem occured in latese version of MFRemake, in both versions(d3d9 and nod d3d9) game lags as hell, so it becomes unplayable. Pls help!!

  27. Gra ma od cholery lagów.Jest wogule nie do przejścia.Hunny tanks,czy też wogule nie wgrywalny świat Hardore a nie mówiąc nic o poziomie 3 że świata hardcore 2.gliczujące się jeże czy żółwie nie mówiąc o bossie jakie odwala sceny.To nie tylko jest problem że światem hardcore a że wszystkim.Gra jest tak zgliczowana że jest nie wgrywalna.Na ten moment moja ocena tej gry to 2- na 10.

    1. Morda gówniarzu, Masz 12 latek MAX. Jedna z lepszych gier jak na lata 2004-2008, ale biedny Rafałek nie potrafi przejść level’a. 🙂

  28. Hi, a few weeks ago I first installed this Super Mario fan game, I installed v4.02. The first days everything ok, the game didn’t give any problems but after about a week when I start the game it goes at low fps. 10 minutes when I click enter the game returns to being fluid but when the menu appears it returns to go to low frames. I tried to look for guides on the internet, put the game at high priority, update drivers but nothing. I also read for possible memory problems but I have 16 GB of dedicated ram. Please help me. (sorry for my english but I’m italian)

  29. Hello, TMV, great work! But I found a bug, and I don’t know where to comment about it, so I’ll leave it here. When I die in world 10-4 in the darkness, I don’t respawn and have to hit f3 to go back to the save zone

  30. The level doesn’t restart when I die on world 8 Bowser. It just stays in the Bowser tank and he is jumping around and I can’t do anything.

  31. Hi, is there a way to access classic levels/scenarios for mario forever through level editor?

  32. there is a problem guys . When i complete a part of a world in MFR v4.02 it doesn’t pass to the next part .How do i fix it?

  33. Just wondering, how’s it going? Any chance on the continuation of that stuff?

    Either way, still thank you for all of that.

    However, I downloaded the latest 4.0 (beta for now) and it seems to have a few issues: I play on Direct3D version, and it has the screen tearing when moving horizontally. Also, the physics can be really wonky, sometimes I can’t even jump off of a falling platform even though I’m pressing the key. It’s just that I don’t really remember having this issue in 3.7 (played it long ago though, so idk)

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