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Mario Forever Remake

Mario Forever Remake, as the name may imply, is just a complete remake of the famous Buziol Games’ Super Mario Bros. fan game “Mario Forever“, although its main elements differ it from the original and it features more custom content. Mario Forever Remake contains a bunch of never-before-seen additional worlds, like my long-living Letter Worlds Series, or Crist’s Minus Worlds. The game is based on the original Mario Forever versions that are between 2.16 and 4.4, with some little features from 5.0 and 5.9.

Don’t worry, no World of Stupidity this time. 😉



Mario Forever Remake born from the idea of the possibility of remaking first Mario Forever levels with Syzxchulun’s World 10 engine; the mission was successful. Therefore, contributors like Syzxchulun, Jeansowaty, Crist1919, and many others, helped me to grow this project more and more with additional content, making Mario Forever great again.


The game, other than featuring every classic world from original Mario Forever (e.g. Human Laboratory, Lost Map, and so on), it also contains a huge fan zone called “The Forever Team zone”, where the player can choose which brand new levels can play, choosing between a good bunch of them, like Syzxchulun’s Worlds 9 to 13, my Letter Worlds Series, Crist’s Minus Worlds, Lost Map 2, Powerup Laboratory, and many others.

Mario Forever Remake is studied to bring continuity to the old fashioned game with some twists that the original couldn’t have because of hardware limitations.


v1.0February 2, 2014
v1.5July 25, 2014
v2.0October 15. 2014
v2.2February 21, 2015
v2.3March 1, 2015
v2.7June 29, 2015
v3.0July 7, 2016
v3.1July 11, 2016
v3.2October 7, 2016
v3.5September 7, 2017
v3.7October 7, 2017



Mario Forever Remake v3.7 + Mario Worker Remake v2.5

This fangame is a remake of an already existing fangame made originally by Michael “Buziol” Gdaniec. Special credits and thanks go to him for the game.

If you’ve paid for this game, go to ask for a refund!

Super Mario and all relatives belong to Nintendo®.


48 thoughts on “Mario Forever Remake

  1. Mariavariable, the mario worker 3.0 will be similar to all mario forever? about grafics, bugfixing and elements? Advanced configurations to overbackground bottoms? Map building can be more than easy, with the elements and more, well if mario worker going in 57% I think that, the game promises very things in 43%, hmm, we will can create cutscenes (I think), we will can play with 60fps, would be very nice this configurations, to be honest, the demo hadn’t been neither half of a future mario worker, would be very nice if we could create a new boss, are you see the thinks what I want expose to you, I am a really fan of mario forever, would be very nice if the project gets complete before summer holidays, maybe who knows :), I wish you good luck and ideas to create a missing worlds and levels in mario forever remake also

    1. Hi. MWRemake must be similar to MF under those aspects, yeah.
      This 57% is about both level and map editors mostly, and a bunch of the stuff you said is going to be in 3.0.
      Thank you to follow our games, stay up for new updates. 😉

  2. When we downloaded MarioFR3.7 and started playing it Music dowland did not work at the time I clicked on it ” Oops! That page canyt be found. ” What should I do?

    1. Yes and no. We’re still discussing about it.
      It should be the first half of the year. We’ll announce it when it’s the right moment.

      1. It’s ok . But I saw something that intrigued me MFR but whenever I click shift and F3 or F2 my lives come back and my points and score always return to zero and the lives to the four this was supposed to happen?

          1. in this new version of Mario remake forever will have new graphics? In the mario worker will you have speed setting for automatic scrolling, dry bones, piranha podoodo or ghosts? There are so many questions, but I, but I want to do this privately, after version 4.0 will have version 5.0?

          2. TMV in a future update of the mario worker will have dry bonnes piranha podobo and auto-scroll speed options e water, lava and poison water? After the Mario Forever remake 4.0 will have another major update and time consuming like this?

          3. TMV in the next version 4.0 will have minus world -8 -9 and -12 worlds A, H, X, E, F, J Syzx world 14 and lost map 3 made by D1cxon?

    1. Ele não percebe o que dizes (He don’t understand what did you said) fala em inglês e não em polaco, o homem é italiano e não polaco

  3. mariovarieble I found a bug in the versions of mario worker 2.5 to 3.0 demo every time I select a background or a background color never appears and the other and with the custom tilesets in 3.0 are not appearing. Soon I will record a video on my channel for you to see how these bugs in versions 2.5 and 3.0 for you to solve

        1. Já reportei esse erro também, o mariovariable já o resolveu, isso está tomado como garantido, ele resolveu tudo e debugou tudo o que havia de bugado, antes de Junho teremos sem duvida o jogo, estou ansioso por saber o que trata o mundo Y e Z, também para criar meus níveis, olha mandei um grande email ao mariovariable e ele respondeu me sobre tudo, as minhas expectativas estão altas

          1. Qual engine, o mario worker? Isso sei, mas um engine exterior não, nunca tive aptidão para tal

          2. voce sabe onde eu encontro o engine do mario worker ? voce me passa o link do download e voce e de Portugal ou do Brasil eu sou do Brasil

    1. Sou de Portugal, para pegares o engine mais recente do mario worker instala o mario forever remake 3.7, é que vêm os dois num pack

  4. Hi themariovariable
    Please, can you remove “Time” in all worlds in mario forever remake.
    This will make games more fun

  5. The title screen will be the best. And I cant wait for Mario Forever Remake v4.0 and Mario Worker Remake 3.0! Keep up the good work!

  6. Worlds must be added to the Mario Forever Remake 4.0
    – Letter Worlds J and X
    – Minus Worlds -8 and -9
    – New worlds of Underground Zone
    – World 0 (by Crist1919
    Also, since it’s a special contest, (VII) the first ranked author will automatically join the MFRGT!
    – World R7 (by Goombario10)

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