Mario Worker Remake

Mario Worker Remake is a complete revamp of the old Mario Worker 1.0 level editor made by Buziol Games in 2004.

Mario Worker Remake contains a bunch of new stuff, like objects, enemies, backgrounds, musics and even new preferences like autoscroll and editable background gradient color.

The editor often comes with a new version of Mario Forever Remake.


Completely new interface for level editor, more level preferences to edit as you wish, lots more elements to add. Customizable tilesets, sceneries, backgrounds, music, and more.

Map editor, which allows you to build up your own MF-styled map in easy way.

BLOCKS: grass, underground, sunset, dark, snow (both nightland and overworld), starland, underwater and trees, different colored blocks, underwater blocks and corals, clouds, bullet bill cannon structures.

BACKGROUNDS: overworld, underground, starland, snowland, sunset, desert, darkland, castle and single tiles.

BONUSES: hammer suit powerup, 6 coin ring, out-of-box powerups.

ENEMIES: four variants of Koopas, stone Spiny Koopa, Fire Bros., Silver Hammer Bros., Beetroot Bros., variation of Piranha Plants, Humans, Thwomp, Flamethrowers, Spikeball Launchers, Flying Poison Mushroom, Bowser.

ITEMS: Springboard (fixed), Centipede platform.

MARKS: new kind of entrances and level ends, Hammer Bros. jumpers, Cheep Cheep jumpers, Roto-Discs marks, more Warp Pipes in different directions.

v3.0 beta DEMO


As of October 1st, 2018, I’ve released a demo of the upcoming version of MWRemake. The demo contains level editor and map editor only, but you won’t have any problem to build up your own levels with it anyways! Feel free to try it out :

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