Mario Worker Remake

Mario Worker Remake is a complete revamp of the old Mario Worker 1.0 level editor made by Buziol Games in 2004.

Mario Worker Remake contains a bunch of new stuff, like objects, enemies, backgrounds, musics and even new preferences like autoscroll and editable background gradient color.

The editor often comes with a new version of Mario Forever Remake.


BLOCKS: grass, underground, sunset, dark, snow (both nightland and overworld), starland, underwater and trees, different colored blocks, underwater blocks and corals, clouds, bullet bill cannon structures.

BACKGROUNDS: overworld, underground, starland, snowland, sunset, desert, darkland, castle and single tiles.

BONUSES: hammer suit powerup, 6 coin ring, out-of-box powerups.

ENEMIES: four variants of Koopas, stone Spiny Koopa, Fire Bros., Silver Hammer Bros., Beetroot Bros., variation of Piranha Plants, Humans, Thwomp, Flamethrowers, Spikeball Launchers, Flying Poison Mushroom, Bowser.

ITEMS: Springboard (fixed), Centipede platform.

MARKS: new kind of entrances and level ends, Hammer Bros. jumpers, Cheep Cheep jumpers, Roto-Discs marks, more Warp Pipes in different directions.

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