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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series

My main custom levels' series. A project in progress since 2010.


What these “Letter Worlds” are? Well, if you’re a Mario franchise fan, probably you know the “SMB: The Lost Levels” worlds A, B, C and D, which are playable after you defeated Bowser in World 8.

My Letter Worlds are far different from those ones, as these are playable directly from start and have multiple settings, like desert, ice and even space. Levels’ gameplay and style are actually from Mario Forever.

First Letter Worlds were made with Mario Worker 1.0, till World H was released (Worlds F and G are an exception as they were made with a glitched version of marioforevereditorv1.cca).

Worlds I and J were made with Radel999’s Mario Forever Engine. Since World K, levels are in real Mario Forever style, thanks to Syzxchulun’s World 10 engine.

Since World R, Letter Worlds are made with my personal strong-fixed marioforevereditorv1.cca engine.


You can find all links to download entries of my series on the sidebar here. Check out the articles by clicking their relative thumbnail below or else go to MFWiki for more informations.

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