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Mario Forever Remake

The old Mario Forever like you've never seen!


Mario Forever Remake, as the name may imply, is just a complete remake of the famous Buziol Games’ Super Mario Bros. fan game “Mario Forever“, although its main elements differ it from the original are it contains more extra levels. In fact, MFRemake contains a bunch of additional worlds never before seen, like my longeve Letter Worlds Series, or Crist’s Minus Worlds. MFRemake is based on the original Mario Forever versions that are between 2.16 and 4.4, with some little features from 5.0 and 5.9.

Don’t worry, no World of Stupidity this time. 😉


VersionRelease dateVersionRelease date
1.0February 2, 20141.0January 30, 2014
1.5July 25, 20141.7September 8, 2014
2.0October 18, 20142.0October 1, 2014
2.2February 21, 20152.2November 28, 2014
2.3March 1, 20153.0Feburary 18, 2015
2.7June 29, 20153.5February 7, 2017
3.0July 7, 2016--
3.1July 11, 2016--
3.2October 7, 2016--
3.5September 7, 2017--
3.7October 7, 2017--



This game is a remake of an already existing game made previously by Michael “Buziol” Gdaniec. Special credits and thanks go to him for the game. If you’ve paid for this game, please ask for a refund.

Super Mario and all relatives belong to Nintendo®.


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