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Mario Forever Remake, as the name may imply, is just a complete remake of the famous Buziol Games’ Super Mario Bros. fan game “Mario Forever“, although its main elements differ it from the original are it contains more extra levels. In fact, MFRemake contains a bunch of additional worlds never before seen, like my longeve Letter Worlds Series, or Crist’s Minus Worlds. MFRemake is based on the original Mario Forever versions that are between 2.16 and 4.4, with some little features from 5.0 and 5.9.

Don’t worry, no World of Stupidity this time. 😉


Mario Forever Remake comes with two different global versions: PAL and ZH (European and Chinese, respectively). The following table features all numeral versions released so far.

VersionRelease dateVersionRelease date
1.0February 2, 20141.0January 30, 2014
1.5July 25, 20141.7September 8, 2014
2.0October 18, 20142.0October 1, 2014
2.2February 21, 20152.2November 28, 2014
2.3March 1, 20153.0Feburary 18, 2015
2.7June 29, 20153.5February 7, 2017
3.0July 7, 2016--
3.1July 11, 2016--
3.2October 7, 2016--
3.5September 7, 2017--
3.7October 7, 2017--




This game is a remake of an already existing game made previously by Michael “Buziol” Gdaniec. Special credits and thanks go to him for the game. If you’ve paid for this game, please ask for a refund.

Super Mario and all relatives belong to Nintendo®.


20 thoughts on “Mario Forever Remake”

    1. It’s a matter of INI object.
      Picking the save game room as an example, main warp pipes are linked with INI, so it saves / loads parameters to establish which frame the game must load, in which slot (pipe 1, pipe 2 and pipe 3). Each time a world is completed, the INI object saves the number of incoming world in that specific slot.

      1. But I have problem: I enter the game first session), reach world 6, lose all lives, close game, turn off pc but then in next time when I open the game I have world 1?
        I didn’t touched any files?

            1. Okay. As for me, the game doesn’t encounter any problem. What I can suggest you to do is to download the game again. If the problem still appears, then it may be a problem of compatibility of the .ini file.

                1. You can save the old mafosav.ini somewhere, create a new empty mafosav.ini with NotePad (or something), and save it in MFRemake’s folder. Open the game, it’ll detect a “cheater” screen. That’s okay. Press any button to continue. Once it restarted, close the game. Now open both new and old mafosav.ini files, and move everything but coins, lifes, and score values from the old to the new .ini. Save new .ini. It should work fine now.
                  If it still doesn’t work, do what I said earlier; download the game again.

  1. why did you place music separately from the game?

    also, what is this antialiasing effect used in Mario Forever sprites?

    1. Because if music is directly used in-game, they would’ve made it a lot heavier. External music save download times and (possible) unwanted game lags.

      The antialiasing is probably used to make sprites more HD-ish, also makes them slightly different from original sprites.

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  3. What is the music download link? The one in-game only starts Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer says that he can’t open the page…

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