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Mario Forever projects

OK… What is Mario Forever?

Mario Forever is a PC fan game based on one of the most popular Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. The game has been developed by Softendo (Buziol Games until 2009). The game reproduces classic styles of Super Mario Bros., with slightly different graphics and musics from non-Mario games. The game has became popular, reaching the highest position in Platformer Games in CNET Downloads, receiving more than 10 millions downloads.

How my interests for Mario Forever born?

My heavy interests for Mario Forever started in mid-2007, when I’ve discovered Mario Worker 1.1, a Super Mario level editor made by Buziol Games at the times. Later I’ve played Mario Forever, the primary game. In mid-2010 I’ve discovered the nearly lost Mario Worker 1.0 level editor, which had the same physics as Mario Forever, though it had less elements and preferences, but still a Mario Forever level editor like it had to be. In five years since my first play of Mario Forever I wanted to find the best way to create my own levels based on this marvelous fangame, but never ended up with something concrete, at least until early 2012, when I’ve discovered that one of the files included with the executable of Mario Worker 1.0 was actually the source of the level editor, probably a forget of the author, or maybe not…

However, the file was compatible with Multimedia Fusion 1.5, so I could’ve opened it there, then I’ve shown worldwide that real custom Mario Forever levels were possible to make, though I had to establish the source as it was heavily glitched.

Since then, the Mario Forever community grew more and more, reaching what it is today.

Here you’ll find my primary Mario Forever custom projects, from a complete remake of Mario Forever with extra stuff added to even completely new games, like Mario Forever Revolution and Mario Forever Fanmade. You’ll find also my oldest and longeve (and still alive) series of worlds; the Letter Worlds Series.

But… I want to play the ORIGINAL Mario Forever!

No worry! Here on the sidebar you can find almost (if not every) version of Mario Forever released by Buziol/Softendo throughout the years, until the latest version released in 2013.

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