Here you can find some Frequently Asked Questions, mainly about Mario Forever and Mario Worker and their relative engines, but not only.

1. When there’ll be a new version of *put name of project here*?

When it will be ready. New updates need accuracy, so time and patience are needed.

2. Why are you not working on *put name of project here*?

’cause I’m either working on something else, or I’m not working on it at all.

3. When you’ll release your MF engine?

Never. Every game I develop is closed-source, so my current or latest engine will never be subject of public releases. However, in the MFForum you can find some neat opensource engines with which you can create your own levels. Just click here.

4. How does MWRemake work?

I’ve made a brief tutorial about the new features present since MWR v2.0, which can be seen here. This is specifically for how to put marks on other objects, but it works also as a standard tutorial. Be sure to watch it all.

5. Why does MWRemake lag a lot?

Mario Worker Remake is an upgrade of the original Mario Worker made by Buziol Games in 2004. That version lagged as well because it used a save/load system made only by loops, which caused heavy lags.

Mario Worker Remake has a different kind of save/load system which reduces a lot the lags, although the number of objects in a level can cause lags as well (usually it depends on the RAM of the computer, so generally a max. of 900 objects is suggested for a level).

Luckily, I’ve found new ways to save/load/test levels without lags, so this problem won’t happen anymore since v3.0, also thanks to some people like 2233 and Radel1996. 🙂

6. Why music don’t work in MFRemake?

Since MFR v2.0, musics are loaded externally. To make musics work, you must follow this process:

  1. Click here and download the latest “data” folder. You must download the data folder that shares the same version with the game which it is linked to (e.g. “data35” is for MFR v3.5).
  2. Extract the folder from the .zip archive.
  3. Put the folder inside MFR’s folder.
  4. Done.

25.04.2018 EDIT: The following option will be omitted as of next releases of any MF project of mine.

Since MFR v3.5 there’s an extra option in the main menu where you can directly download the music folder without searching it through the web.

This feature is also present in other major MF fangames made by me, so be sure to choose “Download Music” in order to get the music files.

7. Face reveal?